In few months ago I was travelling a lot. I spent 2 months in England, couple of days in Prague and 1 week in Denmark. In my opinion in Slovak and Czech republic are pretty bad. As I saw the schools and life in Denmark or England it was totally different. 


Iťs time to change it!! Why we have to give our money to our “great” politicians? Why we should to give our money to emigrants while we do not want them here? Can you explain Why? I can not understand! Are people blind or whatever? Do you see the difference between countries in EU? Because I see it!

I know that i can not compare it at all, but what I can compare is, how the country looks like, how people act , ect

We have got so many wonderful places.. did you see anyone who has in the garden our flag? Did you see anyone anywhere that the guys from Slovakia would say that Omg i am too from your country? Because me neither! When I was in London I met two girls in the tube, they recognized that I am also Slovakian so they got off the train and took another one. It´s crazy even people from Germany, Austria, UK .. they are proud to meet each other outside their country! We are stupid! The animals have even better behaviour than we have! In other countries goverment help their citizens as they can. Here? They are stealing as it is possible.. think about it

In couple of days I am going outside of my country again and I am looking for it bc I am gonna see happy people not just people who must live!



Are you happy? – ask yourself.. Have you got any reason to live for? I am not sure about it in everyone, so I decided to write 5 rules to live a happier life! 

  2. DO GOOD

I think, when you read this every morning you life could be better.. No storm can last forever➡️Remember this! 

Do more of what makes you happy … 🙋🏻🙏 have a nice day guys


Hey guys, 

I am bored af. Today, I came to the doctor and she said “you should stay in a hospital for a time” and I did not know what I should say.. My daddy did not agree but finally he did. I do not know what to do. I just sleep or they taking me blood and so one. I have a room-mate. She is 14yrs so she is younger .. We do not have a lot of things to talk about but that is quite allright.. She is sleeping now so I am writing.. The personal is so kind-> I was surprised😇

I hope that you are well.)) let me any ideas what I could do here because I become crazy of this!!!

Prague 2016

We (me and my classmates) were in Prague! We spent there 3 days, but we enjoyed a lot.. Unbelieveable, these moments are so pricey. 


We were travelling by the train and already there we had a FUN. We met there one guy who was not from the same country but he understood us a little bit. We were singing him and the other things, you know crazy teenegers. 

Then, we have visited a school. MUP in Prague. We met there the other students from the same country but from the different cities. We just wanted to see that university and see the Prague. We did it! We have got so many memories.. I am just happy that I have these people around me.:))) 

I do not know what to write so here you can watch my video: https://youtu.be/zSCMUl0F2gE

nature lover

I found out the place where I have been for the first time. I really enjoyed that. There were so beautiful and me with my family had great time together again! Finally I could drive cause my injury is already OK. I feel pain but less. I did not know that we have so much beauty in Slovakia. 

I took a lot of pictures! I like the taking pictures by my camera but I do not think that I am a photographer.. In the world are many people who can do it better than me. But we must try or not? Do not be afraid of doing what you Love even you are not the best one!!! 

Enjoy your life and remember try everithing, enjoy the whole life, LIVE every second of your life, spend the time with the people who you love and do not worry be happy, your dream will come true (one day for sure) and Love yourself it is really important. 

If travel would be free ? BYE! ))


Omg I do not know 

what to say…

we are going to Milan. Do you know what I am speaking about? The champions league. I am really big fan of Real Madrid. Today we were playing match with MC (semi-final) and we woooooooon!!!!!

For me the best club in the world even they would be lost in every game. 


  • One thought
  • One dream
  • One voice
  • One stadium (bernabeu)
  • One feeling – MADRITASTA
  • One support

Trip day👍🏻

Hey there😊

We went on the trip to Trnava – You know we have trains for free…so… Why stay at home:)) My sister had a problem that she does not have what to wear, we decided to make a change. We went to shopping. I did not take money so I was just watching:D haha, no.. My sister was so kind and she bought me jeans 😍 

We spent a great day together also with my classmate!! We took a lot of pictures as you can see for example in my instagram (timka_98). 

I do not really like Trnava but still better than nothing. I upload some photos also here for you:) #Slovakia 

We (me&my sister) were easting on the station when we were waitng for the train. When you are hungry that´s not you! (In our language it sounds better) 

  • Travel the world together
  • Spend your life with people who loves you
  • Enjoy your day at all your life


All the time we hurry up somewhere.. Are you already tired of this week? Because I am. We have so many exams at the school.. Teachers are getting crazy

Did you know that tomorrow is friday? I am so excited ! What I really need right now is the rest. The rest for a while. I am pretty sure that everyone need it.

But we will get it! Tomorrow, at 2PM I will be so happy like nobody else. Finally the end with school for this week,, I will not imagine that I have just 2 days free (lol) the weekend should have 5days and school just 2:-D

  • Enjoy your day and be happy😘

Right now I am drinking coffee, just sitting and watching out of the window. I can not believe my eyes. The weather is not really good. Never mind! I am going at the gym to lift heavy weights (haha) 

  • Love all my readers🙋🏻

My life!

Hello everyone. I am so sorry that I did not write anything for a long time. I decided to start again! 
Where should I start? (Little bit confused)

..I was younger and I was going at primary school like every normally child. But I did not feel very well. A lot of people hated me, they were bulling me, they laughed at me. It was not funny..I did not know what I am doing wrong. I was wondering if I am going to find any friends oneday. Hopefully, it has end somewhere near. Every day they found at me something different about what they can gossip me. But they were ussually discussing my weight, my style,, at all everything. I was crying at home more and more but I did not tell anybody. I felt so small and I did not know what to do. I did not trust anyone. I had one real friend but by the time he changed his adress.. Then .. I met new people, at first, you know I was scared to trust them. I was wondering if they love me, if they gonna accept me. By the time, I found out they are really good friends, that I can trust them, I can be crazy with them and everything like a normal teeneger.:)) they are not gossiping me, they do not mind about my weight or something like this. THEY ACCEPT ME AT ALL!❤️ 


I am really thankfull:) as long as I changed myself little bit but I did not change my friends. We know each other more than 7 years and nothing gonna change it. I am sure that it´s gonna last forever. 

Now I am student of high school and I can say I have a lot of friends. I really enjoy my life because I do what I love. Of course that I have also bad times. I think, I finally deserve happiness. I know that I am not perfect, I made many mistakes in my life, but it did everyone, or not? (Haha)

The last thing what I want to say.

  • Do not hate others! You do not know their lifes, problems.. Even you do not know about them absollutely anything. When you have problem with yourself go to the doctor but not gossip others and hurt them. It is so painfull.. You would not like if your child would be a victim of bulling by teenegers who do not what to do with themselves. Just ignore them.. a fault is not in you !!!

Friends for life!💘



Takže pred tým ako začnem mi príde vhodné sa predstaviť. Volám sa Dominika ale mám rôzne prezývky. Budem písať ako Timka 😋 Mám 17, študujem na bilingválnom gymnázium, rada cestujem, rada fotím, chodím so psom, milujem šport a podobne. Postupne sa o mne dozviete určite viacej, haha.

Neviem ako začínali úspešní blogeri ale tak každý začína inak. Ja ešte nie som celkom presvedčená o čom presne budem písať. Ale asi o všetkom. Dnešný deň mi ubehol hrozne rýchlo. Je teraz skoro 7 hodín večer a ja som si až teraz našla čas si ľahnúť a začať písať. Ráno ma zobudil môj najlepší kamoš a to je môj pes. Pre niekoho to ani pes nie je, je to 7 ročná čivava🐶 Potom som si o 10 ráno dala tréning ktorý patril medzi tie náročnejšie. Viete snažím sa cvičiť a v celku ma to napĺňa a mega ma to baví! Je super keď  niečo pre seba robíte 😜 No najviac ma teší to, keď cítim spätnú väzbu. Išla som na nemčinu, ale čo je najtop z dnešného dňa je masáž! Fakt megaaaa😊 Odvážila som sa pre bankovaciu masáž, ktorá bola pre mňa ďalšou skúsenosťou.. Odporúčam!:)) ani sa nenazdáte a už opäť budem vstávať do školy, you know život študenta (haha).

Dúfam, že si užívate víkend a trávite ho s ľuďmi, ktorých milujete. Pekný zvyšok soboty a zajtra plne využiť nedeľu!!


DSC_0095 (2)

V Londýne 2013