Trip day👍🏻

Hey there😊

We went on the trip to Trnava – You know we have trains for free…so… Why stay at home:)) My sister had a problem that she does not have what to wear, we decided to make a change. We went to shopping. I did not take money so I was just watching:D haha, no.. My sister was so kind and she bought me jeans 😍 

We spent a great day together also with my classmate!! We took a lot of pictures as you can see for example in my instagram (timka_98). 

I do not really like Trnava but still better than nothing. I upload some photos also here for you:) #Slovakia 

We (me&my sister) were easting on the station when we were waitng for the train. When you are hungry that´s not you! (In our language it sounds better) 

  • Travel the world together
  • Spend your life with people who loves you
  • Enjoy your day at all your life


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