nature lover

I found out the place where I have been for the first time. I really enjoyed that. There were so beautiful and me with my family had great time together again! Finally I could drive cause my injury is already OK. I feel pain but less. I did not know that we have so much beauty in Slovakia. 

I took a lot of pictures! I like the taking pictures by my camera but I do not think that I am a photographer.. In the world are many people who can do it better than me. But we must try or not? Do not be afraid of doing what you Love even you are not the best one!!! 

Enjoy your life and remember try everithing, enjoy the whole life, LIVE every second of your life, spend the time with the people who you love and do not worry be happy, your dream will come true (one day for sure) and Love yourself it is really important. 

If travel would be free ? BYE! ))



Omg I do not know 

what to say…

we are going to Milan. Do you know what I am speaking about? The champions league. I am really big fan of Real Madrid. Today we were playing match with MC (semi-final) and we woooooooon!!!!!

For me the best club in the world even they would be lost in every game. 


  • One thought
  • One dream
  • One voice
  • One stadium (bernabeu)
  • One feeling – MADRITASTA
  • One support