In few months ago I was travelling a lot. I spent 2 months in England, couple of days in Prague and 1 week in Denmark. In my opinion in Slovak and Czech republic are pretty bad. As I saw the schools and life in Denmark or England it was totally different. 


Iťs time to change it!! Why we have to give our money to our “great” politicians? Why we should to give our money to emigrants while we do not want them here? Can you explain Why? I can not understand! Are people blind or whatever? Do you see the difference between countries in EU? Because I see it!

I know that i can not compare it at all, but what I can compare is, how the country looks like, how people act , ect

We have got so many wonderful places.. did you see anyone who has in the garden our flag? Did you see anyone anywhere that the guys from Slovakia would say that Omg i am too from your country? Because me neither! When I was in London I met two girls in the tube, they recognized that I am also Slovakian so they got off the train and took another one. It´s crazy even people from Germany, Austria, UK .. they are proud to meet each other outside their country! We are stupid! The animals have even better behaviour than we have! In other countries goverment help their citizens as they can. Here? They are stealing as it is possible.. think about it

In couple of days I am going outside of my country again and I am looking for it bc I am gonna see happy people not just people who must live!


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